These Boots are Made for Matching, make yours in minutes @bootsbeautyusa , @Walgreens, #MatchMade


The Brits already know about this, but starting this Summer, savvy women in the United States no … [Read more...]

Sandal Up –Time to StRide with Harley Davidson ,@HD_Footwear, #hdfootwear, #harleysandals. #harleyboots

jeanne sandals by Harley Davidson

Sandal Up --Time to StRide with Harley Davidson Footwear Harley Davidson is known for many … [Read more...]

Leather and Laces – Hot Boots from Harley Davidson @HD_Footwear #hdfootwear #harleyboots

vikky two sides

February is definitively the month of love....and if there's one thing that gets your motor running … [Read more...]

These Boots are Not Necessarily Made for Riding, but Definitely, for WALKING @HarleyDavidson #harleydavidson

hd obsession

  Truth:  I have always been afraid of riding on a motorcycle.  Maybe it's the loud noise … [Read more...]

Bring on the Boots! Bootique’s Boot Hangar Keep Them Together

boot hangar with boots

Someone, somewhere is always trying to build a proverbial, better mouse trap.  That's certainly true … [Read more...]

Boots Protect & Perfect Does Good Things For Your Body


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Fashion Week Editor’s Lounges


Attending fashion week if you're an editor/writer/photographer/media professional, is a privilege, … [Read more...]

Fashion Week–Must-Haves

In my post of February 1st on this blog I wrote: "for 7 days those of us involved in Fashion Week … [Read more...]