a drugstore haircare collection with pretty astonishing results @Pantene, #BudgetBeauty, #Hair

pantene pro-v long and strong grouping

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Five FAB Affordable Beauty Treats For Hands, Body, Men & Beachy Hair @aveeno_skincare, @SoftSoap,@Dove @got2bUSA, @BBWVEVO

hand soaps 1

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New York Color’s Newest Products Offer Easy, Affordable Glam @nycnewyorkcolor


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Aveeno’s Fab Four to Treat Your Skin, Day & Night, Head to Toe @Aveeno #Aveeno

aveeno protect and hydrate trio

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Budget (but GOOD) Beauty Products That Let You “Spring” into Warmer Weather


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Budget Brands that Bring a Little Joy (and a Lot of Beauty Bennies) @StIves, @Neutrogena, @CLEAR, @Kissstix @Garnier

tax day

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GUD Pampers For Summer With Floral Cherrynova

floral cherrynova by GUD

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