Lemony, cedrat: travel-friendly beauty products you can share from L’OCCITANE

the Cedrat lineup of products from L'OCCITANE

There's just something so refreshing about the scent of a lemon and lemon-y scented cousin. The … [Read more...]

11 Fabulous Pampering Beauty Gifts Under $20.00 @us.boots.com, @mybodycology, @Japonesque, @HardCandy, @Eos, @KatBurki, @getjackBlack, @BlowPro, AcneFree, @Mary Kay, @ILovePacifica

hard candy 9 piece best of holiday kit $14.88

Of course you want to bring joy to friends, family and everyone on your gift list, but the money … [Read more...]

What’s a SureFire Man Repellant? @Dove

erin walsh

The "Dog Days" of Summer are here at last. I always thought this moniker was due to the fact that it … [Read more...]