Mira-Skin’s Mini Miracle @TechMira #ultrasound, #skincare

woman using miraskin

Mira-Skin, an ultrasound device that makes skincare miracles, happen  Alison Blackman, … [Read more...]

Kiehls Cares About Your Skin, Really, They DO! @Kiehls, #KiehlsBK, #HealthySkincareProgram


Kiehls Keeps the Skincare Benefits, Coming With a Free Healthy Skincare Program  by Alison … [Read more...]

Healing Body Serums Save Your Skin for Spring: Healing Body Serums @VaselineBrand, #Skincare

vaseline serum trio

The word "serum" might sound kind of clinical and unglamorous, but serums can definitely do glam … [Read more...]

6 ways to Send Dry Skin Scurrying before “Snowmageddon!! @beauticontrol, @HuildesPrincess, @Beautypress,@Darphin, @NordicBeauty, @Juara, @Dermend

dry skin

 Do you like cold weather?  Lots of people do, but I'm not one of them!  No matter how many warm … [Read more...]

6 products that K/O itchy, scaly, dry, cracked skin in Winter #WinterSkin, #beauty

woman trudging through the snow in winter

  Winter can really dry out your skin and make it feel itchy, scaly, dry and even cracked to … [Read more...]

Sitting in the Sun? These Four Will Save Your Skin #Phytomer #Korres

bath and bodycare

Still sunning?  Who could blame you?  We want to enjoy those last days of Summer rays, while we can. … [Read more...]

Dove DermaSeries for dry & sensitive skin hits a home run @Dove #Dove

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Dry skin doesn't just make you look older, it looks dull and feels bad (tight, itchy, sensitive, … [Read more...]