Whoa! Your Archetype is Smelling! #holidaygifts, #fragrance, #holiday2015.

masters of sex

We Smell Your Archetype! Alison Blackman, advicesisters.com   One of the things that … [Read more...]

An Essential Luxury from Oscar De La Renta — you’ll want at least one! #OscarDeLaRenta, #EssentialLuxuries, #fragrance

Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxurious collection

Everyone needs a little splurge -- an "Essential Luxury." Oscar de la Renta's Essential Luxuries … [Read more...]

I AM JUICY COUTURE, a new fragrance launches!

Behati Prinse I am juicy couture ad

This month Juicy Couture is launching a new fragrance: I AM JUICY COUTURE. The ad features … [Read more...]

Jewelry that really makes scents: Blending Bead sets from Lisa Hoffman Beauty @LHBeauty

lisa hoffman gold blending bracelet

If you have ever enjoyed a fragrance and thought it was wonderful, but wanted to tweak it with … [Read more...]

A new fragrance named after a sea that is named after a seaweed! #OscardelaRenta #Sargasso

Sargasso by Oscar de la Renta with the cap removed

When I was asked if I'd like to review Sargasso by Oscar de la Renta my immediate response was "yes, … [Read more...]

Royal Revolution, a BLUEtiful fragrance with a “Killer” edge

royal revolution box

      "In some ways wearing fragrance is like putting on an invisible suit of … [Read more...]

Something New is Something Blue Eau de Parfum, by Oscar de la Renta

something blue by oscar de la renta

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."   Every bride knows this phrase … [Read more...]

Own the Throne – Katy Perry’s Killer Queen #KatyPerry

killer queen by katy perry

    If you want to know what motivates a woman to purchase yet another fragrance, … [Read more...]

Love at First Sight? Ange Ou Demon le Secret Elixir

Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Elixer

Do you believe in love at first sight?  You might, if the object of your affection was a fragrance … [Read more...]

Fantastic, Fan di Fendi, a Review

Fan di Fendi

It would be a serious understatement for me to merely say: “I’m a fan of Fendi products.  The name … [Read more...]