1 Posh Palette 4 Eyes, 6 Lippies + 1 Fab Foundation = Spring Beauty

ladakh lipstick 1

1 Posh Palette 4 Eyes, 6 Lippies + 1 Fab Foundation = Spring Beauty Less = More, more or less! … [Read more...]

Face Stockholm’s Summer 2014 Makeup Collection Speaks Softly & bBrightly @FaceStockholm , #Face Stockholm

face stockholm summer 2014 makeup collection

Face Stockholm's Summer 2014 Makeup Collection Speaks Softly & Brightly   Sometimes a … [Read more...]

FACE Stockholm’s Velvety Porcelain Winter Look @FaceStockholm @FACE_Stockholm

face stockholm winter 2014 velvet touch

For the past couple of Season's FACE Stockholm's looks have been dramatic, and yet, quite wearable. … [Read more...]

FACE Stockholm’s Spring Look Features Swedish Singer, Sibel @FaceStockholm @Sibel

face stockholm poster

There's just something so glamorous about the makeup from FACE Stockholm. I've been in love with … [Read more...]

Face Stockholm’s “Berry” Beautiful “Beauty of Tradition”

Face Stockholm's "The Beauty of Tradition" Holiday/Winter 2013 look

  When it comes to makeup,  products can really surprise you.  How they appear on a model, … [Read more...]

Steal a Moment in Time, With Face Stockholm’s “A Stolen Moment” Collection

face stockholm poster

One of the brands whose seasonal collections always excite me, is FACE Stockholm. Their makeup … [Read more...]

put a new Face on Summer, With FACE Stockholm’s latest collection

face stockholm summer 2012

Some cosmetics brands just never disappoint you. Each collection is carefully curated, full of … [Read more...]

Face Fall 2011 with Face Stockholm’s Flapper-ish, Bold Beauty

Face Stockholm Bold Beauty makeup collection

Fall has been around for a few weeks, but we've got a long way to go before we get to the holidays. … [Read more...]