This is a Luxury Leg Story! @GarnetHill, @Cozyins, @Hanes, @Leggs, #holiday, #Gifts

garnet hill cashmere socks

If your feet and legs are cold, your socks or stocking are falling down, or you are uncomfortable in … [Read more...]

OW! My Feet Hurt! @byStillStanding #FootPain

still standing

Take me wandering through these streets Where bright lights and angels meet Stone to stone they … [Read more...]

Gretta Monahan’s Expert Advice: How To Wear Flats With Dresses & Not Look Like a Crazy Old Lady!

I have bad feet. It's not that they misbehave, of course, but they hurt all the time. I am one of … [Read more...]

Two Terrific, Tote-able Treats for Tired Toes

kushyfoot flats to go paclage

The holidays are over, and chances are those strappy sandals and sky-high stilettos that looked so … [Read more...]