Party People! Kegel Balls are In the House! @JopenLLC #KeyByJopen

stella II key double kegel ball set

  Kegel Balls are In the House!  Ok, I know it sounds like a kegel ball must be a frat party, … [Read more...]

Slim and Reduce Cellulite by Wearing Leggings? Maybe, if They’re Proskins Slim @ProskinsLTD #ProskinsInAction

proskins slim leggings

There is no such thing as a magic wand that will make you instantly super model thin. But there are … [Read more...]

Flabby? Fire up your Fitness With Marika plus Hot Workout Tips

marika fitness

Face facts, even if you're not flabby (as our headline proclaims), to stay fit you need to move. … [Read more...]

STRIV, a new for gifting that makes you and the Earth, healthier

striiv home page

Striiv is a sleek fitness device that fits on your keychain and counts every step you take. Striiv … [Read more...]