J.E.T.S. Jets. Jets. Jets! Get a Taste of the Jets” experience @NYJETS, #tasteofthejets

jets cheerleaders

  J.E.T.S. Jets. Jets. Jets! Here's Your Taste of the Jets" experience  report by Alison … [Read more...]

Find Romance in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania

Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece, Fallingwater

The Romantic Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania By Alison Blackman The Laurel Highlands of … [Read more...]

Fragrance Gifts That are NOT for Your Body @AirwickUS, @ILovePacifica @DiamondCandles, @AftelierPerfume #HomeScents, #Fragrance, #holiday

Mandy Afte's Chefs Essences and Sprays

Scent is something that everyone likes to give and get, but mostly, we think of scent-ables as being … [Read more...]

Taste 2000 years of wine-making history in the wines of Greece @NewWinesofGreece #GreekWine

wine making regions of greece

  Last month The Advice Sisters attended a “walkaround” tasting of wines from Greece.  … [Read more...]

Have Good Taste – Altaneve’s High Art of Prosecco @Altaneve, #prosecco, #Wine

altaneve prosecco

When we were learning about Prosecco at the Italian Wine Tales event in March, we had … [Read more...]

The Wines of Argentina Without MentioningTheir Most Famous Varietal (can you guess which one)? #wine #Argentina


I'm making the most of my loneliness In the place where I am lonely best Willow don't weep for me … [Read more...]

Morning Again? Make Someone Else’s Day (or Yours) @Wolfermans

wolfermans surise breakfast tower

Someone's morning begins, The phone in the next apartment is ringing, The man upstairs in the … [Read more...]

Video Treat! August’s Best FOOD Destinations #food #dining #chefs

food destinations

Beat the heat and get something amazing to eat! Advicesisters.net presents this video of some of our … [Read more...]

The Initial Dish: On the Fresh Diet.com

delivery the fresh diet

At the holiday party for Guerrilla Economics (of which I'm a partner with my husband), we were … [Read more...]

Fast Facts About Holiday Indulgences

Tempting? Perhaps. But too many are not your friend

According to data from LIVESTRONG.COM, a health, fitness and nutrition resource on the web, … [Read more...]