five books I should have read in 2013, and one from 2104 #bookreviews #books

book the natural

I stopped buying paperbacks to take on trips years ago because I am a fast reader. That means I read … [Read more...]

Ramiro Encizo Bring the Handbag Up Yet Another Level of Luxe @RamiroEncizo


There are handbags, and there are works of art that are handbags.  The former is just a way to carry … [Read more...]

Accessorize Affordably, with AVON

avon flower handbag hobo

Accessories finish an outfit. It doesn't matter if it's a designer gown, or swimsuit cover up, a … [Read more...]

Moda Manhattan/Accessories The Show/Fame May 6-8 2007

Back in January, I went to the Moda Manhattan/Fame/Accessories The Show grouping at the Javits … [Read more...]