Headphones that produce Monsterously great Sound – 2 reviews @MonsterProducts, #music

monster 24K rose gold headphones

24K Over-Ear Headphones by Monster® that are MONSTERously great! By Alison Blackman and Anthony … [Read more...]

Rock your Run with wireless headphones @JLabAudio, #RockItOut, #headphones, #bluetooth

epic wireless bluetooth headphones

  When I look around as I am on the subway or just about anywhere people are waiting, … [Read more...]

A happier world awaits you: Audio Technica SonicPro® Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones @USAudioTechnica

audio technica headphones

A review of the Audio Technica SonicPro® Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones (ATH-MSR7)  by … [Read more...]

Treat a Tech Lover to Something Special for Mobile Devices @chicBuds, @TravelSmith, @iLuv_World, @TravelSmith, @SOLREPUBLIC, @IONaudio, @BayanAudio,@IONAudio #TechGifts, #ClipsterActive

Hang this anywhere- but it's especially great for cyclists

We live in a tech-centric world. Even Grandma and Grandpa have cell phones and most are computer … [Read more...]

Two Top Ways to Stop Noise, NOW! #AudioTechnica


Invasive searches, long lines, obnoxious passengers, delays, high cost --these are just a few of the … [Read more...]

Quiet Please! Velodyne’s vQuiet Headphones Nuke Noise

velodyne vQuiet headphone

We live in a noisy world.  Often, we wish we could just block it out.  Fortunately, we can do it … [Read more...]

Style, Sound, Cool & Price For One Love & Music @HouseofMarley #LiveMarley

house of marley pulse headphones

 When you're looking for new headphones for yourself or for a gift, it's not just the price or the … [Read more...]

Give Your Heart to Sol (Republic) Headphones @SOLREPUBLIC #headphones #holiday #gifts

tracks v12

When you really like something, you probably want to get it in multiples.  So it isn't a surprise … [Read more...]

From the Studio to the Club, Fanny Wang’s 2000 Series Rocks Your World

fannyw ang

When I first heard the name: Fanny Wang Headphone Co. I couldn't help but snicker--a little bit. … [Read more...]

Get a KICK(ER) out of your Music


The other day I introduced you to a unique gadget called the i-WOW! that enhances the quality of the … [Read more...]