The Organic Pharmacy’s Natural Beauty Treasures @organicpharmacy, #OrganicBeauty, #Organic


When I think of pharmacies pharmacies, I think of medicine, health and wellness, but not necessarily … [Read more...]

Lelo’s Luna Beads are Kegel Balls, for Fun, Pleasure and Health @Lelo_Official

LELO’s Luna Beads work to help strengthen PC muscles.

LELO'S LUNA BEADS ($50.00) They look kind of cute, paired up in twos, t they're not maracas or … [Read more...]

Party People! Kegel Balls are In the House! @JopenLLC #KeyByJopen

stella II key double kegel ball set

  Kegel Balls are In the House!  Ok, I know it sounds like a kegel ball must be a frat party, … [Read more...]

How NOT to Get Sick, Two Doctors Dish on Staying Healthy

this rhinovirus looks pretty, but it can make you pretty miserable

There may be nothing as unsettling as a television advertisement featuring a coughing, sneezing, … [Read more...]