a whirlwind “Sicilian wine tour” at the Merano Wine Festival @MeranoWineFest, #MeranoWineFest #Wine, #ItalianWine

italian sparkling wines

  Although you can find wine produced in virtually every states in the USA, there are only a few, … [Read more...]

Have Good Taste – Altaneve’s High Art of Prosecco @Altaneve, #prosecco, #Wine

altaneve prosecco

When we were learning about Prosecco at the Italian Wine Tales event in March, we had … [Read more...]

Italian Wine Tales, This One is A Tale of Prosecco!


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Italy’s Sagrantino di Montefalco is Umbria’s Rising Wine Star @Sagrantino #Sagrantinomonth


  Wine is a world product, produced nearly everywhere. From the bottom of South America, to … [Read more...]

MARTINI partners with Celebrity Chef Donatella Arpaia

Donatella Arpaia (R) and Alison Blackman

She may be very pregnant, about a month away from giving birth, but beautiful and talented, … [Read more...]

The Wines of Veneto, Very Very Delicioso!


Mid-summer, at a special dinner at the Beacon Court at Le Cirque Restaurant in NYC, a select group … [Read more...]