Why Wait For Spring For Pastels? Get This Look Now! @LandsEnd, @LuLuAvenue #Fashion, #WinterFashion, #Jewelry

alsion blackman models a lands end pastel look with her cat nike

An afternoon in Big Sur on the way from San Francisco to L.A. A brief and fleeting vision of the … [Read more...]

watch this! one accessory you absolutely need to rely on for special events @Citizen

citizen diamond watch

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Two Talented Sisters: One Has Jewelry Kickstarter That Needs Your Help NOW!


While in Paris, I met Oliva, a lovely woman who is a talented writer.  While we were enjoying a … [Read more...]

Spectacular Accessories for Weddings and Beyond @AccessoryNews @accessoriescouncil @KARENJGIBERSON, #actoppicks @Millie Martini Bratten

Ritani Earrings

I was a no frills bride. I planned the reception in two hours, not really caring if the cake on the … [Read more...]

India Hicks’ “Love Letters”

india hicks grouping

Some women with royal lineage spend their days cutting charity ribbons and attending formal balls. … [Read more...]

Bling Home the Holidays – Jewelry Gifts You Really Can Afford!

Kwait Water Drop Bracelet $100 help bring clean, safe drinking water to developing nations worldwide

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The Hamsa Bracelet Does More Than Just Ward Off the Evil Eye

hamsa bracelet

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Switch Up Your Jewelry Choices With Switch Gear Kits

Chickit jewelry set

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