Could this product be your hair color’s new best friend? @JohnFrieda, @JohnFriedaUS, #HairColor

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            Could this product be your hair color's new best friend? We’re about to enter into … [Read more...]

My Hair’s New BSF (best styling friend) John Frieda® Salon Shine Shape Hot Air Brush by Conair @JohnFriedaUS, @johnfrieda, @COnair, @Conair_Hair

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It seems like every other day now, I'm getting stuck in a snow storm or a rain storm, without a hat. … [Read more...]

Rescue Me, Well, At Leat Rescue My Hair @JohnFriedaUS)

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gorgeous dress-check! killer heels - check! flawless makeup- check! fantastic fragrance - … [Read more...]

John Frieda’s Color and Volume Hair Treats @JohnFriedaUS #hair

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One of my pure pleasures is discovering new collections of good hair care, at affordable prices. … [Read more...]