books I overlooked, but shouldn’t have (+ some new ones)

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I apologize, Mea Culpa, I'm sorry, lo siento mucho.  It's been months since I've posted a book … [Read more...]

he’s a great guy but there’s this one thing….#relationships, #dating, #love

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A READER ASKS: I am in love with my boyfriend Mark, but there's this one thing about him I really … [Read more...]

Do you know what real love is?


Do you know what real love is? Real love is one of the most magical but complex things in the … [Read more...]

I’m so lonely but I don’t know how to find love!


I know you will think I'm pathetic, but I am in my early 30′s and the longer relationship I have … [Read more...]

Do you Want to Fall in Love? You Need A Novel Romance #MACCosmetics #Fall2014


        What is is about romance novels that captures a … [Read more...]

A Lettter To My Love on Valentines Day

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        Real love is one of the most magical but complex things in the … [Read more...]

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup plus Leather and Lace Advice & SPICE @leatherandlaceadv @leatherlacspice #news


Has another week come and gone already?  Yes, it has!  The Beauty Blog Coalition writers have been … [Read more...]

Facebook and Swoon: A Match Made to Make Matches For You! @swoon @Facebook #dating #Love


Dating can be such a drag.  If you don't want to go to bars and clubs, and you're too busy to … [Read more...]

Happy Valentines Day-Enhance Romance, Together or Not

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  Most of us think of “romance” as requiring two people.  Today, on Valentine's Day it's nice … [Read more...]

Six Books Focusing on Love of Different Kinds

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Valentine's Day is days away. For some,  February 14th  is the most romantic day of the year, but … [Read more...]