Black Nails 5 Ways: Maybelline’s Black to Black Nail Collection @Maybelline, #ColorShowOff

black to black collection

BET ON BLACK! I wasn't sure why I received five of the same black nail polishes from Maybelline, … [Read more...]

MY MY! Maybelline has so many great new products! The lowdown for Spring 2015 Beauty

maybelline rebel bloom lipstick

MY MY MY! Maybelline has so many great new products!  The lowdown for Spring 2015 Beauty  HERE'S THE … [Read more...]

Not Maybe, these are Maybelline’s New July Launches @Maybelline #makeup


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Celebrate Early Spring With Color Cosmetics and Comfort for Your Face #color #cosmetics

cherry blossoms spring

Early Spring is a colorful time. The tree tips are red, then yellow-green, then as the leaves … [Read more...]

They Come in Colors–Maybelline’s Limited Editions for Lashes

maybelline great lash limited edition mascara

Cosmetics should be fun, don't you think?  But they should also be  flattering.  Maybelline is … [Read more...]

Maybelline’s Lovely Limited Editions May 2013 @Maybelline #maybelline

maybelline limited editions

  June may be "busting out all over" in a few weeks, but "now is the month of Maying."   The … [Read more...]

Spring Beauty: Maybelline’s New Products Make it Easy @Maybelline #trends

maybelline cleansers

  Just around holiday time, Maybelline threw a Winter party for editors at theFamed … [Read more...]

What is Bold, Chic, Perfect for Spring and just $3.99 (but only in March, 2013)? @Maybelline


What's bright and bold, sexy and fun, costs only $3.99 and is available in the month of March?  That … [Read more...]

Maybelline Great Lash Gives Lashes a Limited Edition “Paint Job”

Great Lash LE Colors

Beauty product lovers everywhere know that Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara is still the leading … [Read more...]

Two New Beauty Products That are Super-Affordable and Super-Fun

maybelline ad

Good things come in multiples. Maybe two, or three, or more...... Today's Advice Sisters beauty … [Read more...]