Headphones that produce Monsterously great Sound – 2 reviews @MonsterProducts, #music

monster 24K rose gold headphones

24K Over-Ear Headphones by Monster® that are MONSTERously great! By Alison Blackman and Anthony … [Read more...]

Scott Weis Band Takes Your Ears on a Blues-Y Trip from Chicago to the Delta @scottweisband, #Blues, #music

scot weis almost there cd cover 001

  One of the best things about having a home in Milford Pennsylvania is the sheer number of … [Read more...]

Two Top Ways to Stop Noise, NOW! #AudioTechnica


Invasive searches, long lines, obnoxious passengers, delays, high cost --these are just a few of the … [Read more...]

RIP Lou Reed, Video of Lou Reed Singing Perfect Day #LouReed

lou reed

  RIP, Lou Reed. Wherever you are, I hope you're taking a walk on the wild side and that … [Read more...]

An Eco-Friendly Way to Rock Your Music! @houseofmarley


Roots Rock ($199.99), distributed by the House of Marley, has a lot going for it, and it's … [Read more...]

Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Rocks 500 Movies Screens #music, #musicians #rock


 One of the most fabulous concert experiences of my life was being in the audience at Madison Square … [Read more...]

Advicesisters.net Video News! Jimi Hendrix as You’ve Never Heard him Before! #JimiHendrix


Jimi Hendrix will have three new albums out this week, including two vinyl reissues and a new album … [Read more...]

Big Ted’s Dead — He’s Gone Like Snow on the Water (but brought back to life by RDIO)


A few weeks ago I was introduced to RDIO  at a Rogers & Cowan holiday gift preview. At the time, … [Read more...]

From the Studio to the Club, Fanny Wang’s 2000 Series Rocks Your World

fannyw ang

When I first heard the name: Fanny Wang Headphone Co. I couldn't help but snicker--a little bit. … [Read more...]

Guitar Shorty at Terra Blues & New Album Review: Bare Knuckle


Guitar Shorty has quietly become a legend in his own time. But recently, he's been building a buzz … [Read more...]