Mandy Aftel’s Scents of a Woman are naturally exciting @AftelierPerfume #Fragrance

Mandy Aftel, Perfumer

mandy aftel “Perfume is the nourishment that stimulates my thinking.” – Muhammad “I miss your … [Read more...]

La Nuit de Boheme by Anna Sui is for an unconventional life @AnnaSui #Fragrance

anna sui fragrance la nuit de boheme

Who doesn't love Anna Sui, both the clothes, and the designer herself?  She's one of those … [Read more...]

A ScentSory Experience from Sue Philips’ Scenterprises

my signature fragrance: Leather and Lace!

A ScentSory Experience from Sue Philips' Scenterprises I know a fair amount about fragrance, but … [Read more...]

Cherry Blossoms & the Flight of Butterflies, Captured in a Bottle @HanaeMoriParfum #fragrance #ValentinesDay

hanae mori 8n

  There is something so delicate, so special, about cherry blossom time in Japan.  It feels … [Read more...]

Two Bottles of Scent You Just Have to Own @BCBG @EdHardy #fragrance

ed hardy

There is something so lovely about picking up a beautiful bottle of fragrance, and dabbing (or … [Read more...]

FInd Your “Perfect Match” Mixing, Matching & Layering Demeter Fragrances @DemeterCEO @LookBoutique #mix&match

demeter fragrances

  Maybe you haven't found your perfect match in love, but you can find your perfect match … [Read more...]

Scents That “Speak Softly”: Simply Belle and CLEAN Rain

simply belle fragrance

When it comes to fragrance, some feel that the "louder" it is, the better. If your fragrance … [Read more...]

Versace Yellow Diamond is a Perfume Gem

versace yellow diamond trio

Yellow diamonds have a special allure.  Just ask Jennifer Lopez. Her husband, Marc Anthony, … [Read more...]

Twirl, Kate Spade’s Signature Scent, has Joi de Vivre

Twirl by kate Spade

Call me crazy, but I was surprised that a new, signature scent from Kate Spade would be a … [Read more...]

Vince Camuto’s First Fragrance: Vince Camuto

Vince camuto fragrance

Although I try to keep on top of things, designer Vince Camuto wasn't really on my radar screen, … [Read more...]