All Hail the Queen, the LIPSTICK Queen’s newest for lips @LipstickQueen, #Beauty

bete noir lipstick queen

"HIVE"  A TREAT FOR MY LIPS: Lipstick Queen by one of my favorites, Poppy King, has been really … [Read more...]

If You Have More to Spend, These are the BIG 3 Beauty Gifts! @KatBurki, @artisbrush, @LipsticKQueen #LuxuryBeauty, #HolidayGifts, #Beauty

the artis mirror finish 10 brush collection

Big ticket beauty gifts can run into the thousands, from mink lined makeup bags, to 14K gold (and … [Read more...]

B-glowing Will Make You Glow From Head to Toe, Inside and Out, We are Not Kidding @bglowing #MAKEBEAUTY

ellis fraas hot lips

Lisa James in a member of my club -- she's a makeup fantastic. Watching her at a recent editor's … [Read more...]

Lip Saboteurs Beware: These Pampering Lip Products Will Hunt You Down & Knock You Out! @SensaiKanebo @MiracleSkin @LipstickQueen @KAPLANMD @KatBurki

miracle lipo transfomrer lip rewind

By this time in the Summer, you may be feeling tan and happy, but what about your lips?  Are they … [Read more...]