books I overlooked, but shouldn’t have (+ some new ones)

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I apologize, Mea Culpa, I'm sorry, lo siento mucho.  It's been months since I've posted a book … [Read more...]

A powerful, anti-aging face serum embraced by celebs –Should you buy it? @EMKBH

ermk placental serum bottle

EMK Placental has been one of my "go-to" favorite skincare lines for a number of years now. It is … [Read more...]

Quiet Please! Velodyne’s vQuiet Headphones Nuke Noise

velodyne vQuiet headphone

We live in a noisy world.  Often, we wish we could just block it out.  Fortunately, we can do it … [Read more...]

Four Female-Centric Books (and a Cookbook) for April’s AdviceSisters Book Round-Up

book take it off

Who doesn't love a good book? The five I've chosen as book suggestions for April are focused … [Read more...]

What or Whom Do You Love? Advicesisters Book Round-Up for February

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February is the month we most always think of as the "love month."  I always think that's funny, … [Read more...]

Looking for a New Book? Here are Nine That are Fine!

book creamy and crunchy

In the spirit of full disclosure, my first cousin is Jon Krampner, the talented author of Creamy and … [Read more...]

8 Books With Very Different Takes on Relationships, To Amuse, Inspire, Educate, Escape

book all the flowers in shanghai

There is a certain genre of chic-lit romances that women just seem to love:  that of the young, … [Read more...]

Is Our Enews in Your In-Box?

Yesterday, more than 4,500 subscribers received their latest copy of the bi-monthly newsletter, the … [Read more...]

Where is Your Copy of the Advice Sisters Enews?

you are a subscriber to the bi-monthly, free newsletter, the Advice Sisters Enews, you already … [Read more...]

my Day of Beauty at Warren Tricomi Salon

When I was born, my hair was a bright orange that turned light blonde. As a child, it was strawberry … [Read more...]