Beauty Roundup, Wedding Edition! #WeeklyReview #bbcroundup

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Last week I had the unique honor of being the officiant at the wedding of two exceptional friends, … [Read more...]

The Advice Sisters Holiday Classic: 10 Great Ways to Handle Any Holiday, Solo or Not @advicesisters #holiday

I'm not a fan of "the holidays." I truly think the only people who really enjoy them are children, … [Read more...]

Don’t Wait for Tonight- We Need the NYX Waiting For Tonight Palette Now! @NyxCosmetics

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If you read The Advice Sisters features regularly, you know that I'm a particular fan of NYX … [Read more...]

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As you know, and have been providing advice and information … [Read more...]

Weekend Reads You Can’t Afford to Miss: Beauty, Advice and More

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Savor the Scent of Yummy Nuts This Summer! @thebodyshopusa #Brazil

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Brazil nuts are delicious, and they are a staple in high end mixed nut assortments.  They're quite … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays to You From Alison Blackman Dunham, The Advice Sisters

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I'm taking a day off to spend with family and friends. Maybe you are, too! If you're alone today or … [Read more...]

The End of Fashion? Nuh, Just Fashion Week Spring 2012

The end of fashion? Not hardly!

I took this photo after the American Express exclusive cardmember DKNY show at the Lincoln Center … [Read more...]