funkymeweblargeRecommendations are essential when you are considering who you want to work with. I’d love to offer my services to you, whether your interest is personal, or professional.  I hope you’ll also check out the comments that I have received from others, recommending my work.  If you like what you see,  why not send me one to add to the site? Also feel free to Contact Me to further investigate the ways I can put my skills to work for you. Here are the ways I can help make life easier, more successful, and more fun:


Writing: Let me work help you create a unique signature that maximizes your impact on everything from social media sites like Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube, to better blogging and beyond. I can provide syndicated content for the budget-minded, and can also create something exclusive and unique for your audience.  I am occasionally available to act  as a stringer  reporter and/or photographer, if you cannot attend an event or meeting in the NYC area.

Advisor: As a creator of both traditional and signature “Double-Take” (two views for every question) advice columns, and as a private, personal, online advisor, I have become the reliable, virtual “best friend” to thousands of adults around the world. I offer personal, private, advice by Email.

Photography: many of my photographs on a wide range of subjects are for sale –please do not take them off my web sites, former blog, or Google Images!  All my photographs are copyrighted.  Visit my Photo Gallery on alisonblackman.info to see my latest offerings. Click “refresh” to see more samples.   Contact me to purchase photographs for use online, framed or unframed prints,  or to hire me for freelance work.

Lifestyles & Relationships Expert: I have reviewed literally thousands of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products.  I am also a certified image & color consultant. As a relationships advisor, I have been offering good advice that works for nearly two decades.  If you need a spokesperson, require a quote, want to send me review samples, would like to interview me, or ask me to be a guest on your show, or if you have any other ideas about how we might work together, please contact me!