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meashweek2 “I have great respect and admiration for you and your work. You have literally carved a path and set the foundation for bloggers everywhere who wish to enhance the quality of lives everywhere. You are a woman of solid character and sound decision. ” (Mary Winkenwerder, Show Host at Ultimate Skincare & Beaute Report)

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“The Advice Sisters is such a wonderful site.” (Caitlin C., Zeno Group)’


There are not many writers to whom I give feedback, but I love your writing style. You are truly a born writer. I wish I had just an ounce of your writing talent.” B. Davis, Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc


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I love the Advice Sisters Web site. So informative and enjoyable to read” (Cognac Wellerlane, Talk Show Host TV Personality ]”I love your site. It is vibrant, full of great information. (Barbara Siragusa, Beautycast)


“Your story last year was the best of the best – you so “GOT” it – loved the piece.”(Lori Z.)


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“Your posts are EXCELLENT! I meant to drop you a note to tell you how wonderful they were- you are our dream blogger!” (Laura Markofsky,  American Express)


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“I absolutely fell in love with your work! I am writing not only to admit my obsession with your blog ( and inform you that I have gotten all the other ladies in the office HOOKED ), but also because I am an Account Executive at a beauty/skincare/fashion PR company based in NYC…” (Ashley B.)


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“Amazing work”


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“KMR Communications, Inc has a wonderful relationship with Alison Blackman Dunham and The Advice Sisters.  If you want credible exposure for your product, this is the place to be seen.”  ( Katherine M. Rothman, CEO- KMR Communications, Inc.)