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alison blackman

alison blackman

“I am impressed with your detailed descriptions of products and your opinions. It helps to get an idea of what the product is and about it’s performance.” (Lynn W.)

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks and that I love Advice Sisters blog! “ Carolina  –

” Fabulous work!”  Your reviews are concise and yet, thorough. You are a master of  beauty reviews!  (Betty A.)

“It’s very refreshing to come across a site that’s as helpful and wonderful as yours. I put it on my favorites.  Another thing that impressed me about your site is that it is always updated!  That alone is awesome!”  (Suzanne Garza)

“Your advice really helps. You cover a wide range of issues and people, and I like the depth of your responses. The advice is honest, straightforward, tough when it needs to be, and motivating when it is required.” (Kara K.)

“I can’t help but smile and laugh at times when I am at your site. It is one of those rare sites for women of all ages and occupations.” (Rachel R.)

“I’m so glad to find someone who understands the real problems that real people face. Life isn’t a reality show.  You really help people with real-life solutions to life’s real problems.” (Jessie Blackstone)

“I really like your review columns. With so much out there to confuse consumers, yours is a much needed website! “Joyce S.”

“Your columns are excellent! I spent hours searching the web, attempting to calm my anxiety about my life. Your site was the only one where I found the personal, specific, and useful information that I wanted. I found nothing so helpful on the other sites. I value your advice and appreciate it so much!” (Paul H.)

“Your articles have provided tremendous help to me, and  I just want to thank you for providing a wonderful source of inspiration.” (Penny B.)

“Everyone going through a life or career transition needs to hear your advice! Thank goodness we have people like you to correct our perspective so we can pound the pavement with our best foot forward!” (Bob R.)

You have assisted many people with your columns. I have sent it to people whom I thought your timely advice would help.” (John Ziff.)

Your columns, are so useful. I love your writing.” (K.H.)

“Your advice is great. It’s nice to know there is someone who understands.” (Jamie S.);

“Your advice is great. You are great objective observer. You do a great job.” (Tim T.)

“I am from Thailand. I read your advice column and it really touched my heart. Where can I buy your books?” (Chakorn T.)