I am on board the new Norwegian Cruise Line’s cruise ship Getaway @CruiseNorwegian #ultimateGetaway

I am looking out my window this morning but I can’t see my regular view of rooftops and a pile of junk that a neighbor resists removing from his roofdeck. Instead, there is a background of gray-green water rippling in slow motion like a movie, with a few frilly whitecaps. Above that, a watercolor sky of soft white and the lightest whisp of blue.  A few low clouds stretch across this tranquil scene.

IMG_2019I am in cabin 10186, a mini suite aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s brand new ship, the Getaway.

There is something so amazing about waking up in the morning and realizing that you are actually ON the water. Modern cruise vessels are so stable, and for the most part, so quiet, you might forget that you are not at home or in a hotel.  The sea is relaxing, and the bed in this room is so much more comfortable than my own,  if I wasn’t on a press preview cruise, I’d be tempted to stay snuggled into it most of the day.  But duty calls, and curiousity too, because the Getaway has TONS of things to do.

IMG_2031Since I am filing this initial report on NCL offered internet minutes, it will be brief. I’ll write more when I get home tomorrow. But here is my initial reaction to the Getaway.  I’m a cruise fanatic. I’ve been on more than 85 of them of all types.  But a cruise has to fit your personality as well as your budget. What NCL does very well is try to offer a wide range of experiences to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. For those who want to bring children, NCL has made it perfectly easy and fun. But for those who really want to be away from the crowds and have a more luxe experience, NCL has the Haven, with butler service and a private restaurant and lounge and other perks.

IMG_2051Norwegian Cruise Line also excels in entertainment. There are more than 18 bars including an ice bar, tons of music and entertainment options big water slide (obviously not being used in NYC this trip–it is freezing outside–but the Getaway will be home ported in Miami).  The comic we heard at Headliners last night was actually funny without having to resort to obscenities or infantile behavior. The Legally Blonde musical extravaganza was polished and provided a Broadway-eesque experience with actors who could actually sing and dance, well. Ocean Blue,Zakarian’s extra tariff restaurant was exceptional…with four star views as we left New York Harbor.  I will post photos and you will see for yourself!


more later



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