Don’t Just Eat your Veggies & Fruits, Cut With Them! Gift-ables from QVC and Kuhn Rikon @QVC, @kuhnrikoncorp

More than any other time of year, “The Holidays is synonymous with entertaining at home.  It is not just a time of year when we tend to gather with family and friends, it can also be stressful for those who don’t think much farther than picking up the phone, and calling for take-out during the rest of the year.

The holiday season is literally just weeks away, and so it’s time to consider how you can make your life a little easier . Of course, it’s also the time to think about the people on your gift list.

At a QVC holiday preview for editors, I was captivated by a trio of  Swiss-made, high quality, Kuhn Rikon Veggie Cutting Board with Paring Knife, sets QVC Item #K8364 ($22.00).  These colorful and sturdy plastic cutting boards are whimsically shaped as eggplant, tomato or green pepper.  Each board has two knives (one serrated, one straight) in coordinating colors, to match.  The photos here are of the eggplant.  This little set is a must for food preparation, but it also would make a lovely and affordable gift for a holiday host or hostess, or for anyone on your gift list that likes to good.  It would also be a nice shower gift for a bride to be.

The Veggie/Fruit trio of cutting boards was created exclusively for Kuhn Rikon, by designer Philipp Beyeler, The items are truly colorful and cute, but they’re not toys.For centuries, Swiss workmanship has been synonymous with precision-crafted items, and they have been making kitchen tools for over 60 years. At 13″L x 8″W to 9-1/2″L x 9-3/4″ (for the eggplant, but the other boards are about the same size, just a different shape) the boards are  big enough to slice a large squash, but still slim and small enough to fit in a cabinet without a struglle.  The rubberized sides keep it in place without slipping, while you’re chopping, peeling, or slicing.

The cutting board is excellent, but the knives are high performance tools —  sharp, Japanese, carbon steel blades with colorful, non-stick coatings. The serrated blade is  4″L x 1″W; paring knife blade 4″L x 1″W; Knife handles 3-3/4″L x 3/4″W.  The knives are the right size for most food ordinary food prep tassks, and the safety sheaths keep the knives clean and safe, so they’re great for picnics and other outings, too.   I keep picking these knives out of my drawer as my go-tos, because they are colorful and stand out from the rest and need I add, fun to use.  Hand washing is suggested for the knives, but the sheaths and cutting boards are dishwasher safe. TIP for Entertaining:  Make a colorful impression! Use the flat cutting boards as informal trays or coasters for (cold only) holidays dishes.

For those who need to know, the cutting boards are made in China.  While they are durable, like most cutting boards, eventually they will  show cut marks, with use. Make sure you clean them well, especially if you are using them to cut raw meat.  The hardest decision you will have to make is which one to get (for yourself) and which to give, as gifts. You can see them all on the QVC Web Site or go directly to the page on QVC for this item. 

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