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Kegel Balls are In the House! 

Ok, I know it sounds like a kegel ball must be a frat party, but actually, kegal balls are little “tools” (you can call them adult toys or sexual aids if you wish) that both women and men can use to help strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.  Before you yawn and click on another website, consider that doing kegels, especially with kegal balls, not only have medical/health benefits, but can help you have more powerful  orgasms thanks to greater control of the vaginal muscles.

So perhaps now I have your attention?

The Kegel muscle is the muscle that is local along the pelvic floor, also known by its official name, the pubococcygeneus (PC) muscle.  If you’ve ever had to urinate really badly, it’s the PC muscle that you clench to “hold it in” when there isn’t a bathroom around.   It is that clenching that is the basis of the kegel exercises… a repeated set of contractions that help that muscle get stronger.

Why would you even care about this?  Strengthening this muscle can help you with bladder issues (ever have a bit of a “leak” when you laugh too hard or have a frequent urge to urinate, for example)? and  this has other medical benefits. More than that, it can help your sex life. so it’s worth your time to read this review of the Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set by Key by Jopen, learn why Kegel exercises are good for you, and a little “how-to.”

While Kegel balls are not meant to be actual sex toys and provide orgasms, they can produce some pleasant, orgasmic feelings, and the clenching exercises of kegels are almost effortless.  You can feel them if you jump up and down, run around, or sometimes even when you’re in a car or feeling the vibrations in a bus or subway  Once they are inserted, you can also masturbate with them inside you, or you can just keep them inserted internally almost as long as you like as long as they are comfortable.  Men can also benefit from Kegel balls.  The balls are inserted into the rectum (lubricant will be necessary). Their movement stimulates the prostate, which can trigger an erection in most men.  Some say that if you are a man with erectile dysfunction you may be able to restore erectile function with kegel exercise. We are not doctors and we can’t comment on this, but if you like the sensation, go for it!

Kegel balls come in various sizes and weights, they are usually in couples and trios,  and strung on a cord.  To use them, thoroughly clean  them and insert them one at a time. Then, just squeeze your pelvic muscles and holding that tension for three seconds, and then relaxing for three seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times per session, over three to four sessions a day.  You can do this any time and anywhere you want as long as you want and you can find plenty of variations but the main point is clenching and releasing.

Note: Use the restroom before placing the balls in the vagina.  *essential, or you’ll feel uncomfortable.  Use lube if you need to.  Pull the cord gently to remove the balls.  Always clean them thoroughly after use. Do NOT share them.

stella key couble kegel ball set


You can find Kegel Balls of varying designs, sizes and types, but we really like the ones from KEY by JOPEN. They have several different kinds of Kegel balls but we’re liking the new Stella II.  These kegel balls are beautifully crafted, wrapped in body safe silicone. The user-friendly balls arrive boxed with  1.5″ x 6″ / 3.75cm x 15.25 (overall) and 1.5″ / 3.75cm (each ball diameter).  You get one set of weighted balls (30g, 40g and 40g) and One dual ball holder with retrieval loop.  All you have to do is push the balls into the holder, pop one out to replace it with another weighted ball.  Graduate to the higher weighed balls as you feel your muscles strengthen.  It is that simple.   There is a one year warranty and directions are enclosed.

It is amazing that something so simple and easy can do so much for you, and these are just about $35.00!  Learn more at




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