4 Ways To Give Thanks for Small Pleasures

Creative Nail Design CND Scentsations Holiday Luxury Lotions make a great Holiday gift either in a full sized, 8.3 fl. oz pump bottle dressed up with a bow ($9.90 each), or in a nicley boxed gift set of three minis ($12.00) in flip top bottles. There is nothing that silkens and softens quite like any of the CND Scentsations lotions! They absorb quickly but really hydrate, leaving lovely scents on your skin. The hand & body lotions also have A and E and Aloe Vera for extra moisturizing. The mini set comes in Vanilla or Berry, and includes one each of the three vanilla-centric lotions in travel-friendly, 2 oz. bottles:  Vanilla Velvet (with a light scent of vanilla and peppermint); Vanilla Cashmere (very sensual and slightly floral, with a mere whisp of jasmine); and Vanilla Suede( my favorite–a creamy blend that smells like vanilla and coffee),  or the three berry lotions: Cranberry (bright and tart); Winterberry (very light and easy);  and Black Cherry & Nutmeg (sweet with a bit of flowers).  At just $4.00 each for the minis, it is such fun to try all three, and I am guessing you’ll find one in each that you don’t merely like, but adore!  They are all different.  Share with three friends as stocking stuffers or offer the boxed trio as a perfect hostess gift or “little thank you.”  Get these in professional beauty supply stores and salons, or visit www.cnd.com for locations.

I am trying not to be indelicate, but when you or someone else has used “the porcelain throne,” your home might smell less like a castle, and more like someplace cave dwellers have been living for years!  But a clean scent without having to spray the room each time, can be yours with a clever product called ReJuvenescence™ (three for $39.00).  This pricey poo-pourri-in-a-toilet-paper-roll sends out a bit of scent, each time someone uses the “TP.” If you are like most people.you probably have never replaced the spindle upon which your toilet paper sits. ReJuvenescense is a universally sized roller that should easily fit any toilet paper roll dispenser.  It is actually healthier to replace an old spindle, so why not make your bathroom smell better all the time?  It might be an extravagance for some, a necessity for others, and if you are having guests over the holidays, a nice touch that, trust me, everyone will appreciate.  The idea is simple but it makes a lot of scents (sorry for the pun) and nice touch, whenever a user dispenses toilet paper from it’s roll.  The set of three includes a sweet floral “moonflower,” an energizing “spice” and an exotic, “wild orchid.”  Each is made from recyclable material and lasts up to 90 days. They are all nicely boxed, so you can even give them as stocking stuffers. Be sure to keep at least one for yourself! Order a bunch online at: http://getrejuvenescence.com


The Stocking Book by Victor Arwas (Lyons Press November 2011) makes a clever and quirky gift  for someone who is in love with legs. While the book lightly touches on the history of stockings and their role in modern culture, there really isn’t much explanation. Much to my annoyance, the photos and artwork are not even credited.  But that aside, it’s a pciture book, and unashamedly a feast for the eyes, featuring beauties in various stages on undress. While  it isn’t pornographic by today’s terms, and it is done tastefully, I wouldn’t leave it in the bathroom with the youngsters around!  Better to wrap it up for crabby, crusty old uncle Hal, who probably needs a bit of a boost this holiday season. Who doesn’t love a great pair of legs (and even better when it is attached to a gorgeous body).

In the “old days” women were reduced to spraying scent on handkerchiefs if they wished to take it with them, or worse, carrying the bottle, But today, we have  technology!  Now women (and men who love scent) can bring a bullet-sized mini atomizer with them in purse or pocket, anywhere. The Advice Sisters have reviewed different versions of the take-along atomizer, but some are easier to fill than other. One that is super easy and clean is FLO, a refillable fragance atomizer that is touted has the only one with an inner glass bottle.  I can’t  confirm that claim, but I can say that glass is the best way to store perfume.   FLO also claims that their atomizer is the only one that is 100% universal so you can use it to fill bottles from any fragrance with a spray diffuser top. It is indeed user-friendly.  However, there are other refillable atomizers seem to work with all fragrances. But FLO is attractive and effective. Simply twist the bottom cap open to fill the FLO, attached the silicon interface and place the guide tab on the spray head of your fragrance, spray and fill, them twist the bottom cap closed. This product sold in  41 countries at Sephora Europe, Sephora, Boots, Wallgreens, Soap.com, Amazon, and HSN and on 20 airlines. Find yours in a variety of colors (the black one is great for guys)  for just $14.95 on Amazon.com

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