Nutra Sonic by Nutra Luxe Offer Facial Pampering, for Less!

Electronic or batter-driven facial/complexion brushes can be your skin’s best friend. When used properly, they offer a true, deep cleansing of your skin virtually in seconds, without any effort required on your part except to turn on the brush, and hold it against your skin.

Once, a while back, I had a bad experience with a facial system that turned my sensitive skin into lobster meat, and for years, I have avoided trying or reviewing another. The desctruction was probably mostly my fault, and to be sure, electronic facial cleansing systems have come a long way since then.  However, recently, I broke my hand, which means I haven’t been able to properly cleanse my face with soap and water for months.  Out of the blue, like a guardian angel for skin, came an offer to try the Nutra Sonic 4-speed facial cleansing system, by Nutra Luxe.  This system is reasonably affordable considering the price of some of the competitors. That fact, plus realizing that this would be a way to finally cleanse my face with just one hand, I couldn’t refuse!

The Nutra Sonic arrived.  It looked impressive enough with a satin case to hold all the accessories, and promising to offer a gentle, low frequency option for sensitive skin,plus  a high frequency for normal skin, body brush speed for overall cleansing and jitter mode pulsating oscillation for microdermabrasion. The unit comes in colors (depending upon where you buy it) and is waterproof and rechargeable. You can even use it in the shower, tub.  The set arrives with a universal charger, the brush unit, and three brush heads: sensitive, normal, body. Theoretically you also get a 2 oz. botanical cleanser and a 2 oz. Toner, but my review unit didn’t include these (I just used my own, favorite facial cleanser).

Electronic gadgets are wonderful, but not foolproof.  The first unit I was sent simply would not charge. Sheepishly, I admitted this to the company and was quickly sent another. By the next morning after charging this one, I was in business!  I used the regular brush to test it out, but within a few seconds my face was turning red, so I stopped. The sensitive skin option is a must if you plan to use this unit daily and you have sensitive skin. But my face felt instantly clean, and even my pores were clean. It only took a few seconds and I had the cleanest skin I’ve had in months (with or without my broken hand). The fact that you can operate this with one hand and get a deep clean in virtually seconds makes it all worthwhile.

The unit cleanses and exfoliates at the same time, essential to remove dead, dull, dry skin cells that clog pores and make skin look lifeless (exfoliation also helps your moisturizers and other products to be better absorbed). You still have to remove eye makeup by hand, but imagine coming home late from that holiday party nearly too tired to do more than flop into bed,  but being able to get clean skin in seconds!

To use, simply charge the brush for 24 hours (be sure to face the brush backwards on the charger–brush head faces towards the plug). Then turn on Nutra Sonic by pushing the larger of the 2 buttons. To choose the speed, push the smaller button and select your speed. Gently move the brush over your face and neck area using a small circular motion. Begin on the forehead, then move to the nose/chin area and the cheeks, then to the neck area, if you wish. Be careful, because if you have a lot of cleanser and water, the brush can splatter it (the same is true for powerful, electric toothbrushes, too).

The Nutra Sonic is great for all ages and skin types and can make a real difference in your skin.  It is great for teens with acne-prone skin, and guys love this too, because it is novel, almost fun, and takes no effort. In fact, for men, the Nutra Sonic has an added bonus: it will help eliminate ingrown hairs. It makes a really great gift that will pay dividends to the user, perhaps, for a lifetime!   The average price ranges from around $80.00 – $159.00 for the professional style set. Visit or call toll free: 1-877-241-0459 or or check out other retailers like

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