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no matter what decade, my parents were always fashionable!

My mother believed that good quality, fashionable clothes were essential. I remember her taking me shopping, to show me what to look for once I was old enough to shop for myself. One of the stores she took me to for clothes was Lesters, in Brooklyn.  It was the store fashion conscious moms shopped with their kids when they wanted something special. I vividly remember shopping there as a young girl, mom holding up dresses and asking me which ones I liked. When I became a teenager and fashion was really on my radar screen, we went to Lesters on Avenue U. A light blue poor boy sweater and matching bell bottoms from Lesters remains one of my favorite memories of clothes I coveted. In that outfit, I felt so sophisticated and confident!

I’m not the only one who remembers Lesters, fondly. For over six decades, Lesters has been the place for fashionable clothes for everyone from infants to adults, boys and girls.  Lester’s now has six locations: two in Brooklyn, two in Long Island, and one each in New Jersey and Westchester. But now everyone can enjoy Lester’s service and selection!  At the Manhattan location of Lesters on 80th Street and 2nd Avenue, editors recently gathered to celebrate the launch of Lester’s new and user-friendly, E-commerce web site

The web site has virtually everything that you’d find in the Lester’s brick and mortar store, and actually, it offers even more. For starters, Lesters is known for very helpful, knowledgeable sales people, and when you shop the web site you can still interface with the excellent, experienced sales team. Customers can fill out a form and leave a number they can be reached at, and a Lester‟s expert will call the customer to guide her through the shopping experience and help her find what she‟s looking for.

One of the things that will make fun and interesting is that they will be constantly changing what’s new and nifty on the site, so fans will want to keep coming back to see the latest and greatest. There’s a blog called “style scene” area talking about trends, and even a model search (Lesters uses real customers for their models, giving girls a chance to be a star). There’s a sale area, and e-commerce shoes will be on the site, soon.  That’s just the beginning!

every where you look, there is something to delight the eye at Lesters

Although the focus of this article is Lesters new E-commerce, I was really impressed with the actual Lesters store I visited in Manhattan. It is a new store with two floors filled with eye-catching delights for boys and girls from infant all the way up through adult women. It’s bright and spacious and there’s something fun to look at and oogle, literally everywhere you turn, One thing that is important to note is that Lesters is not a bargain store, but they have inventory representing the best trends and brands including:  J Brand, Michael Stars and Splendid as well as a selection of boutique brands like Blank NYC, Parker, Chaser, and Patterson J. Kincaid. Lesters has it’s own in house label too:  Rock Candy.  What Lesters offers is a never-ending display of the best stuff that your kids will die for. And that includes bosy.  The boys want to look good too,  say the seasoned salespeople at Lesters.  Young boys want to dress like their older brothers, and the older brothers want to dress like their dads. Girls want to dress like their older sisters.  Lester’s provides it all.  In the layette department, I even saw jeans for babies in trendy colors–so cute I couldn’t help but audibly ooh and ahh.  Those jeans got larger and larger as I moved through the various departments, laid out by age and size!

a colrful wall of short-shorts will appeal to teen girls and there are jeans of every size and type, too

So what does Lesters say is trendy right now for girls of all ages?  Neons, brights, sparkle, glitter, rhinestones are hot, even for babies. Chucks in colors, and shoes with glitter and color, are all must-haves.  The ladies department has an exciting array of trends and a really fabulous, well edited shoe selection, too. For boys, it’s tees with lots of interest, seven jeans (for every age) and more.  Little boys want rock star and sports team tees, like their older brothers.  The older boys want color, polos and cool jeans.  And, the Lesters Camp department will outfit your kid from head to toe, down to bed covers, and even has colorful folding chairs and cute camp bags to tote all the cool, stuff!

The reason that the title of this article is “Oooh, love to love you…” (and a  quick nod to Donna Summer) is that truly, Lester’s is a store to love, no matter what your age.  Now, you can shop Lesters wherever you live!  In the layette department, saleswomen who obviously know their stuff inside and out, upside and down, tsaid that the babies they outfitted way back when are now coming back to outfit their own babies.  That’s staying power, and love. Visit and start shopping!

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