Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your Gift List

To me, a stocking stuffer is a little gift that doesn’t cost a lot, but is clever enough to stand on its own. For example, the Radius Toothbrush that I recently discovered at a Luxury Products expo. Radius is a unique looking toothbrush that costs just $7.95 but it has a lot going for it to help make the new year, a better, healthier one (at least for your teeth and gumns).  As you can see from the photo, it has an ergonomic handle that  ensures the dentist recommended 45 º angle of bristle to teeth, but it also comes in left and right hand models. For lefties, this is at true bonus.  As someone who recently broke my right hand, having a left-handed to0thbrush helped me deal with the vicissitudes of daily hygeine!  There are also three times more very fine bristles in a wide oval format. This design helps to massage gums gently.   And non-aligned bristle layout to avoid tooth erosion.  The Radius will last up to nine months, while most traditional toohbrushes only last for a couple, so it is actually economical.  You can also get a travel case and a DOC® – multi-use suction holder to store it on sink or shower. You can buy these in a wide range of nice colors so everyone in the family can have their own special color, and you can get these at popular retailers like Amazon and Target, or at:


A bottle (or two, or more) of sparkling, glittery nail polish delights every girl of any age.  But if you toss a bottle of Blaze Nail Lacquer’s new polish line called: “Glitz on Madison” into her stocking, she’ll get more than just starry glitter.  These nail polishes change color when exposed to sunlight! The Blaze press literature says that this polish is the only FDA-approved, color changing nail polish.  When you apply the polish you’ll get a lot of glitter, infused into what appears to be a clear base, but in the sunlight, that base changes color to something else! For example, since red is the color of the holidays, you can’t go wrong with “Daring Red,” clear with bright, cherry red glitter with a base that transforms to “Caviar Dream,” essentially,  black, with the red glitter infused within!  Or “Sparkelicious” a clear base with silvery glitter with a base that changes to holly berry red, in the sunlight (with the silver glitter infused within). This one looks subtle, shiny and pretty when you’re indoors, sizzling, in the sun! For $12.95 you can surprise and delight someone special. And if glitter isn’t your (or their) thing, there are creme colors to choose from, too. visit to order yours or learn where you can find these amazing polishes, in your area.

Another seriously unique nail goody comes from one of my favorite companies: Creative Nail Design. They have diverse collection of what they call “Colour and Effects.”  Pick a base coat, beautiful on it’s own, select an “Effects” top coat (also beautiful on it’s own) and when you put them together, they change the look of the nail polish completely!  They are not only fun to use, and great for creativity, they work together to shake the board meeting’s day color, to the wild, metallic or shimmery color right for the evening party. Just pop one or two in your bag, and you’re good to go! There’s more to CND polishes than meet the eye, however. They’re long lasting and chip-resistant.  They’re also 3-Free, which means they don’t have harsh chemicals that you don’t want on your nail or absorbed into your body.  The bottles are ergonomically designed, with easy to grip caps. The deeply pigmented colors look elegant and apply smoothly and easily. You can get by with one coat if you’re in a hurry, but two makes the look, richer.  For the holidays, the latest nicely boxed duo is called The Plum Truffle Collection ($20.00). The rich plum color won’t raise any eyebrows at the office (other than admiring glances at your chic, shiny nail polish color), but “razzle-dazzle” it for evening with a glittery overcoat of sheer pink infused with light pink glitter “Effects” overcoat. The result is a more intense, bright, glitter polish that adds glam in minutes. Since the set is nicely boxed, give it to your nail-obsessed friends and watch them grin.  You can get CND at professional beauty supply and salons, or visit for more information and locations

If you are a fan of exercise and sports, you have probably heard of iRenew. This unisex bracelet comes in a variety of styles, and it is supposed to maintain the body’s subtle energy field (also known as the “biofield”).  The result is supposed to help your body restore balance, and gain energy and strength.  Celebrities like  Susan Sarandon, Mario Lopez , the Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation”and athletes like Terrell Owens (Cincinatti Bengals), Byron  Williams (New York Giants), Calais Campbell (Arizona Cardinals), Cameron Bell (Seattle Seahawks), Cameron Wake (Miami Dolphins), Chris Chamberlain (St. Louis Rams), Clorenzo Washington (St. Louis Rams), Corey Mays (Kansas City Chiefs), Garrett Mills (Cincinatti Bengals), Mark Goodman (New Orleans Saints), Mike Merriweather, and my personal favorite, Nick Folk (New York Jets), are just a few who believe in iRenew. The iRenew™ bracelet was one of the most popular fashion trends of 2010. It makes a cool fashion statement. I received several in gift bags, and have tried several versions. I can’t say that I felt any benefit other than I felt that is was cool to wear it. However, it is clear that a lot of athletes feel it helps. Try one and see if it works for you. The newest iRenew® ™ sports bracelet is made of 100% silicone and is ideal for the serious athlete, fitness buff and weekend warrior. I am really not quite sure how it works, but the press literature says this iRenew is “created by using the technological process of Selective Frequency Resonance™ (SFR).”  Again, the idea is that if you wear the bracelet, it may help you gain better balance, endurance, and strength. The new version is available in black, white, opaque and titanium. One size fits most up to a 9 inch wrist, and will be fully adjustable for any smaller size wrist. The iRenew™ sports bracelet is available at Walmart, XXX and is currently available online for $19.99. It is an ultimate stocking stuffer or little gift for just about every adult on your list.

Another option for a sports enhancing balance bracelet is EQ by Patrick Matthews. It employs holographic and negative ions to enhance sports performance and balance. EQ bracelets are created from recycled silicon and are water resistant. They come in XS (6″) to XL (8.5″).  Mr. Matthews claims that his EQ bracelet is the first and only sports enhancing bracelet and that others are merely copycats. The way he explains EQ’s abilities is like this: “the world is composed of energy fields and vibration wave forms that constantly interact with one another. Each day we encounter many of these energy fields and they can have negative, energy-sapping effects on the body. Such negative fields could be sourced from radiation, pollution, electrical pylons, drugs and some foods. Conversely, some energy fields can have a positive effect on us, with examples including negative ions, organic food, pure water and music.”   Despite no current scientific evidence of its effects *this is stated precisely on the website), some feel that these types of bracelets, including EQ and its in-built eight encoded frequencies, has helped them find better harmony in themselves and their interaction with the world around them. You will see plenty of athletes and others, wearing these bracelets which at the very least, are attractive and fun to wear. There are a number of styles from this masculine, black and white “Sea Shepherd” just $29.00 to bold colors and even glow in the dark versions. Get EQ at:




Another “plum-centric” nail polish Duo comes in the form of affordable super-minis. The Nailed It Mini Nail Lacquers Set ($7.00) from MARK, is simply too cute to ignore.  One coat covers easily, and dries quickly. There is a deep, shimmery plum, and the other, a light, super-shimmery sugared plum. Both are appropriate for day or night. At .09 fl. oz., you’ll have enough to make it through a large round of holiday parties, or weekend travel. The nicely boxed mini set makes a perfect stocking stuffer for a “girl” of any age. Get yours from your favorite MARK representative, or

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