Strapped for Time and Cash? 7 Stocking Stuffers for Last Minute Shopping

The holidays are nearly here and you’ve gone through your budget, and then some.  Now you are down to the wire, and not every person is ticked off that gift list.  No time to lose, and maybe, no time to buy beautifying balms and items for yourself.  Fear not, the following are stocking stuffers and beauty quick fixes that girls of all ages really want to get.  And, while you’re at it, you can probably afford to sneak a few little somethings in the shopping cart for yourself, too!

Hair accessories are always useful, welcome and fun  Goody has a bunch of new, “Doublewear” hair items that not only look good in your hair, they “double” as jewelry, too!  How many times have you put your hair in a ponytail, only to take it down and then slip the elastic on your wrist because you don’t have another place to put it?  The Goody Doublwear ponytailers have black elastics with either gold and silver metal bands on them. They look like slim ID bracelets on your wrist, and chic hair ornaments on your ponytail. And at $5,99 for a package of three, you really can’t miss.  There is also a 2 in 2 headwrap that becomes a necklace when it isn’t a headband. A set of two is only $5.99 as well. I like wearing these in tandem on my hair, but a single one makes an exotic and expensive looking choker. Great for “girls” of all ages. I love them for travel because they look great and give extra accessory options.  You can get these Goody Doublewear items in mass market retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, and Target.

They say less is more, but that isn’t always the case. An awesome stocking stuffer is the Goody Ouchless storage Pack of ponytail elastics. Can you imagine getting that many?!!  teh Ouchless elastics have an improved core to make them stretchier, and they pull right out of your hair,even though they hold it tight., Thereisno metal to corrode or bother you, and they are simply fabulous! At around $5.49 you really will impress someone with quality and quantity!  … and for yourself, try aGoody Simple Styles Twisty Comb (srp. $7.29). This simple comb can make your ho-hum hairstyle, hot for the party, in seconds. You can make three easy and elegant twists with this comb. It comes in different “hair colors” to match your own. There are different types of Simple Styles combs and accessories as well. Each box includes signature hair styles you can make. Genius!

I found LypSyl Lip Balm at one of Jono’s excellent product previews, and was captivated by the slim design of the case, with a “push up” slider button. This may not sound all that exciting, but trying juggling the tiny cap of a lip balm when you’re on the ski slope or anywhere that a one-handed applicator lets you save the other hand for other tasks. As someone who recently broke her hand, I have come to truly appreciate this!  And, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for men and women, with therapeutic ingredients like organic Shea butter, coconut oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin A, providing a bunch of nurturing moisture and lip protection.  It feels expensive, but you can get silky and pampering, LypSyl Original and Honeyberry for a mere $2.99 and for $6.99 for Extreme Cold Relief.   Visit

What’s new, fun and a perfect stocking stuffer to enhance smiles and smooth chapped lips for young ladies to grandma?  Baby Lips, by Maybelline!  The colorful, swivel up cases with graphics reminiscent of a graffiti tag, caught my eye. But in truth, the pretty packaging and four tinted and two clear shades of lip tint conceal an excellent lip balm!  Oh joy!  These are formulated with SPF 20 (really important when you’re out there in the snow this Winter and the sun’s damaging rays are reflecting off the snow like crazy), vitamins C and E, and super moisturizing Shea butter and aloe, plus camphor and centalla (a botanical that helps to improve lip coloration and reduce the appearance of fine lines).  All this in darling cases to give and to collect for yourself. The two clear shades are: clear (Quenched and Peppermint) and four tinted (Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Grape Vine and Peach Kiss).  The colors are subtle, the scent reflect the color.  I love them all. but my favorite is “Cherry Me” that instantly adds a boost of “bee-stung” to my lips with a cherry scent and lots of luxurious, pampering moisture.  Trust me on this one, these balms really are great at any price, and these cost less than a sandwich!  Pop one, two or all of these into someone’s stocking, and their smile will not only be huge, it will be soft and kissable!  Maybelline Baby Lips are easily available at drug stores and lots of mass retailers.

For a somewhat larger gift that seems as though it should be pricey, but can be found in Rite Aid drugstores for as little as $17.00, you can’t go wrong with the lovely fragrance by supermodel and television personality, Heidi Klum. Her SHINE fragrance is just $17.00 for a nicely boxed,  0.5 fl. oz Eau de Toilette, and $28.00 for a 1 fl. oz. bottle.  But the oriental floral fragrance was a really nice surprise. You maybe able to pick it up in a drugstore, but it doesn’t smell “cheap.”  In fact, it is quite lovely,  and really smells like it should cost a lot more.  Top notes of mandarin, pear williams, and pink peppercorn melt into a floral heart of mimosa absolute, muguet (lily of the valley-one of my favorites) and sunflower, and the drydown addds a sophisticated touch with muck cosmone, Venezuelan tonka bean, and Vanilla. The press literature calls it “sparkling” but to me, the warm bottom notes come through the most, with just a hint of flowers and spice. This floriental will be universally pleasing for a woman of any age.  Unlike a lot of celebrity scents that don’t really have anything that connects the scent to the celebrity, I can imagine Heidi actually wearing this fragrance to seduce  her uber-sexy husband,  Seal.  While I don’t think of Heidi Klum as spectacularly “girly,” she is “all woman” and definitely sensual and in command. SHINE seems to reflect that.   Spritz it on before you go to the party, walk up to a handsome stranger, and let your personality, confidence and fragrance “shine!”  This makes a great gift and a little something for yourself, too. Learn more at or just go to Rite Aid amd Stock up!

What can you get for just $3.99 in your local store to stuff the stockings, last minute?  Why not get a little Help® for the Holidays?!  These adorable, slim colorful packettes hold small solutions to big beauty problems. While they won’t necessarily bring world peace, they will bring peace of mind, and deal with some of some of life’s nagging irritations. Each packette has a few “servings” worth of “comfort — and therefore–joy.”  Get HELP for: help, I have an aching body; help, I have a blister; help, I have a headache ; help, I can’t sleep ; help, I have a stuffy nose and help, I have chest congestion.  Help, I can’t sleep, for example, holds eight doses of Diphenhydramine HCI 25 mg (plus calcium)– a night-time sleep aid.  HelP I have a blister has Hydrocolloid (usually used in hospitals for burns and leg ulcers) and a mess of band aids.  These are cute conversation starters, but when you really need something specific, HELP will be there! For additional information on Help Remedies, visit Each Help product is $3.99 MSRP, available at Walgreens, Duane Reade, select Target stores,,, and other retailers nationwide.

There’s still time to plan a perfect updo for New Years Eve, and you can do it yourself, if you have a few simple and affordable hair tools on hand. Conair offers six “UPtools” to style your updo, and you can find them easily in your local drug or mass market retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Ulta, Kmart, and Rite Aid. The best thing? They’re all just $4.99!   If you’re ever tried to do a smooth French Twist on your own, you know how difficult it is, but the c”French Twist” is a cone-shaped barrette that makes it much easier. Sadly, the one I tried wasn’t large enough for my very thick hair, but it will make a smooth twist for most women.  It’s even easy to make a classic chignon with the “Bun Maker”  (just pull your pony through the sponge-y “donut” wrap and secure with the four included bobby pins.  My favorite of these is the clever, Conair “Pin Twirls” that you can use to secure any style, especially if it’s a heavy topknot or fancy braided style. All you have to do is twist the metal “corkscrew pins into your hair in the top and bottom. You get three in a package and while the corkscrew seems improbable, they really hold a bun tight and comfortably in seconds!  “HI -Styles” is a more sophisticated, comb version of a bump-it that adds volume and lift without teasing. It makes party-perfect high style, and it is so easy to use,  you won’t believe it!  For a perfect, dressy pony with lots of height, “The Perfect “Pony” is a plastic helper that makes even thin hair look more luxurious.  Finally, for those who really want fancy styling options, there is a classic “topsy Tail” all in one stler that is good for all hair types and includes a big and little topsy tail plus three elastics,  and some style suggestions. Any or all of these would make fabulous stocking stuffers for young and old. Wow a teenager with all six, nicely boxed, for just $30.00!

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