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What’s the one item you absolutely need to rely on for special events?

It’s not nice to be late for any event, but when you’re going to a wedding, graduation or other very special, once in a lifetime event where the moment will pass and you’ll miss it if you’re not there, you have to be on time. And one way to do that elegantly, no matter what you wear, is with a fabulous watch.

citizen watch EW1934-59AAlways be on time with this Citizen Ladies Diamond Watch EW 1934-59A ($350)

Citizen has given us a suggestion for a watch that we think is the one you can wear for every special event, and for every moment of your life, and literally forever. It is this fabulous Citizen”Eco-Drive”  Diamond watch EW 1934-59A ($350). The little sparkling diamonds and gold/silver details make it dressy enough to wear with special event outfits, but the brushed metal and large dial work just as well with casual and daytime clothes. 

Citizen makes all kinds of watches and The Advice Sisters have reviewed a few, including a very special, limited edition watch for last years; US Open tennis tournament,   but the eco drive watches like the one we are suggesting with diamonds in the photo above, are particularly interesting because they are (literally) powered by light so you don’t need batteries. You can read the advicesisters original feature on Citizen Eco Drive watches and see a video. Basically, the Eco-Drive converts any source of light (natural and artificial) into usable energy. The harnessed energy is then stored in a special power reserve to keep the timepiece charged and running properly.  When fully charged, a watch with Eco-Drive will continue running – even in total darkness- for at least six (6) months (how amazing is that)? Like a good relationship, if it is properly maintained, this watch will keep working virtually forever and will never need another battery.  It’s “green” and economical.It is also extremely reliable, so you will never be late and miss life’s important moments, or at least you won’t have any excuses for being late! 

There is something quite romantic about a watch that works on light and will keep running as long as it is exposed to light.  So The Advice Sisters also think this watch makes a particularly appropriate gift for a man to give his bride. Of course, it’s also a great gift for a graduate, or for anyone for any occasion, or to give yourself as guest, or just because you want to be on time and look great every day.

The watch looks very expensive, but it’s just $350. With an 8 diamond dial, 3-hand date element and a stainless steel two-tone adjustable  7¼” long, 14mm wide bracelet in gold/silver to match all your accessories, you can wear it everyday because it isn’t flashy, just classy. It’s also water resistant to 100 meters. The metal band closes smoothly in the back so it looks like a bracelet.  Although I personally like numbers on the dial, this watch has accents at 3, 6, 9 and 12 so you can easily figure out the time. The rest of the “numbers” are denoted by tiny sparkling diamonds. The date feature is tiny but readable.   The hands glow in the dark.  The entire watch is just the one accessory you absolutely need to rely on for special event — a slam-dunk, all-over gorgeous watch for every woman for every reason for every season, forever.  Yes, I know I’m gushing, but I can’t help it –and I rarely do it.

There are similar styles without the diamonds, but this one is just perfect!!! 

You can find Citizen Watches in many places both in retail stores and online. To learn more, visit the Citizen Watch web site at



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