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lorleigh posterHave you ever arrived at your destination, opened your bag of jewelry, and discovered that all of it is hopelessly jumbled and knotted, or even worse, some of those stones have rattled loose, or an earring back is bent?  Well, if you have, you’re certainly not alone.  There’s nothing more annoying than broken jewelry on a trip, because you planned to wear it, and then you’re “stuck.”  And if you check your bags, you can’t really be sure that your fragile and delicate items won’t get bumped around and treated brutally, even if they’re in a jewelry roll.

On a recent visit to a holiday preview, I spied a display of colorful travel cases for jewelry from LoriLleigh Deisgns. Lori Torline started the company with her husband Mark, when she couldn’t find the type of travel case she wanted for her own jewelry.  They say necessity is the mother of invention and in Lori’s case, it was!  These cases looked like they should cost a lot of money, and I was truly surprised when I discovered that the were affordable. But what really impressed me was the versatility of these hard-sided cases, because for a few extra dollars you can customize your little travel case with a ring tray, a bracelet and necklace tray or an earring tray

lorileigh raspberry travelerThere are three different sizes of “traveler case” but the one I liked the best because I think it’s the most versatile (and it also is fairly flat so it won’t take up too much room in your suitcase), especially you’re taking a carry-on. The mini sized travel case and the larger case are taller, so they are more bulky.  The sleekest is this medium-sized case, at $29.95.  The traveler has a toggle closure, and has one  interchangeable earring tray in addition to two soft pouch pockets specially designed to hold bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. The snaps securely hold and protect your jewelry during your travels.  You also get a packet of hoop earring adaptors.  some of the interfaces seem a bit awkward,  but on the whole the system works quite well. ring tray

earring tray

necklace tray






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These are some photos I took of the colorful and practical jewelry travel cases that can be found in several hundred stores, or you can just order then directly from the LoriLeigh Designs websites:  They’d make a unique and affordable gift for just about any woman or girl, and of course if you’re planning a trip soon, get one for yourself, Your jewelry, will thank you!

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  1. In love with the coral colored ring above! Seriously gorgeous. This is such a good idea too- I need one of these.

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